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I am currently a graduate student working on a dissertation that will research the long term effects of bullying on the victims. Who do the victims become in adulthood and what impact did the victimization have on the choices made in adulthood. Most people can point to anecdotal examples, i.e. the skinny/obese child who became a bodybuilder/martial arts expert or the “ugly duckling” who underwent plastic surgery to become the beautiful swan, but is that the norm or outliers?

At this point in my search I haven’t found much research covering this topic or information about support for adults who were victimized as children.

It is my hope that out of my research I will be able to not only open doors to further research in this area, but also uncover replicateable interventions that can be used to help those children currently suffering from victimization and hopefully to launch support group and treatment methods for those adults who were victimized.

As I read through the different journal articles, Masters thesis’s, Doctoral dissertations, published books, and intervention programs I will post my thoughts, comments, and critiques. I welcome any constructive input from the readers, as well as any stories of your personal experiences that you don’t mind sharing. I do want to note, that while it is my hope that anyone reading this site will benefit from it, this site is in no way a replacement for therapy, is not a formal support group or therapy group, and I am in no way your therapist.

This forum offers NO CONFIDENTILITY.

If you would like further information on finding support in your area, I would be more than happy to help you look, though at this point my searches haven’t turned up a whole lot.

That all being said, it is now time for me to begin.

Thank you sincerely,

R. Brian Salinas, MA
Psy.D. (candidate)

Monday, January 26, 2009

start a list of therapists

I am posting this particular page of the blog because I want to start a list of therapists (counselors, LCSW, MFT’s, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, etc.) who are experienced in working with victims of bullying.
To accomplish this I would like to ask people to post the contact information of these therapists. Please post the information in the comments session and once I have a list compiled I will post it as a blog page.
I would like to get the name of at least one therapist for most of the major cities in all the states. I understand this is a loft undertaking, but I feel it’s a worth one since as we all know, bullying isn’t going away any time soon.
In the end I would like to see more of a push toward the treatment of the victims, let them not be forgotten in our push to end the plague of victimization.
R. Brian Salinas, MA
Psy.D. Candidate


  1. Dr. Daniel E Courtney
    Mental Health Center North Iowa
    235 S Eisenhower Ave
    Mason City IA, 50401-1562

    he's plenty well experienced now

  2. If you want research, my writing when it is finished is exactly what you are looking for

  3. Also any therapists that goes beyond the cognitive views will be able to help people dealing with PTSD type symptoms. At least they can always ask if they are experienced with it.

  4. Elizabeth Bennett, M.Ed
    Peer Abuse Know More!
    2619 Wilshire Blvd. Apt. 417
    Los Angeles, CA 90057

    Do not practice psycotherapy right now. However, written a book based upon the clinical aspect of bullying and peer abuse. Clinicians need to have this book. No other book on bullying is written from this perspective. Plus, am certified by the Olweus Program.

  5. Hi Brian. You may want to make contact with Janine Shamos - she is an ex high school teacher and a counsellor. She has extensive experience of bullying at schools.